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Legal warranty

This mattress benefits from a warranty of quality and conformity in accordance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree no. 206 dated 6 September 2005 (“Consumer Code”). This warranty is offered by Alessanderx S.p.A. and is valid for two years from the date of purchase recorded on the tax receipt, which must be presented by the purchaser in order to prove the date of purchase. The warranty applies where any defects and deformities are reported within two months from the date upon which they were ascertained, by registered delivery post or telegram to be sent to Alessanderx S.p.A. in Prato, Via San Leonardo da Porto Maurizio 24/26/28 or by fax to number +39 0574 5101235. Where, following prompt notification by the consumer, the existence of the reported defects and/or deformities is ascertained, Alessanderx S.p.A. will be obliged to repair or replace - at its sole discretion - the mattress, at its own expense.

What the warranty does not cover

The validity of both the legal and manufacturer’s warranty is conditional upon the mattress being used correctly and the rules of use and maintenance being followed. Any complaint due to torn strands, holes or stains on the fabric or possible other obvious defects and/ or deformities, which do not affect the functionality of the mattress, must be reported immediately upon delivery, and in any case by and not beyond seven days from delivery, to Alessanderx S.p.A. in Prato, Via San Leonardo da Porto Maurizio 24/26/28 by registered delivery post or telegram or by fax to number +39 0574 5101235. For the purposes of calculating the terms, reliance will be placed upon the postmark affixed by the sender post office. Where the aforementioned term of seven days is not respected, the mattress will not be covered by any warranty for obvious defects and/or deformities. Any dips below 15% of the height of the mattress are considered physiological and therefore excluded from the warranty. The warranty is also excluded if the mattress has been kept in conditions that may cause deformations or the formation of mould. A tolerance of +/- 2 cm on the measurements due to the assembly of elastic components is deemed to be normal and therefore excluded from the warranty. Defects caused by incorrect handling, use of force, excessive load, dirt, moisture or repairs carried out by a third party are not covered by the warranty. In addition, the warranty does not cover stains on the mattress and any effect of wear deriving from normal use of the product. Alessanderx S.p.A. reserves the right to send an agent to verify the defective mattress and to ascertain the causes of the problem prior to collecting it for repair. When being taken away, the mattress must be protected by a plastic sheet in order to avoid any damage.
To receive more information on the USE and MAINTENANCE of the product, and to have the right to an EXTENSION ON THE YEARS OF WARRANTY, complete the registration. (click here)