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A recharge of well-being

Choosing Magniflex is the best way to ensure an excellent quality of life.

Recharge of well-being

Recharging while you sleep is, of course, a pleasure, but above all, it is a basic necessity of our organism.

Magniflex dedicates its experience to providing true regenerating rest by making mattresses, bed bases, pillows, and accessories that offer the ultimate comfort

benessere riposo comodo

It is during the night that the day takes shape.

benessere riposo comodo

For Magniflex, getting a good night's sleep does not mean going into standby mode, but on the contrary, recharging. So every time you wake up you will be full of energy, to tackle all the day's projects with vitality and enthusiasm you have never felt before.

To be active during the day, you have to sleep well at night.

A truly good night's sleep is essential for recharging the mind and body. During sleep, our brain fixes information and recollections in its long-term memory, the nervous system regenerates, and the skin and muscles strengthen. This awareness is the inspiration behind Magniflex's goal: to use all its experience to ensure a restful night's sleep, manufacturing excellent products that offer people the utmost comfort, and wellbeing and improve their vital energy.This is because resting is not just a pleasure, but essential for living a healthy life full of rest, and for enjoying what we love to do most.

This is because resting is not just a pleasure, but essential for living a healthy life full of rest, and for enjoying what we love to do most.

Discover our tips, trivia, and insights for your daily energy recharge.

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Research. Innovation. The only ones that never sleep.

Magniflex products are the result of continuous research and innovation in the fields of technology, design, and the selection of excellent raw materials. All with a reduced environmental impact thanks to the company's eco-friendly policies.

Magniflex quality is certified worldwide.


Magniflex quality control begins with the selection of materials, and the choice of suppliers of Made in Italy products, and continues through the entire production cycle, which is checked at 9 separate stages. Close collaboration with various international certification institutes - such as ACA - American Chiropractic Association, AJA E UKAS, the University of Florence, and the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification - is a guarantee of the importance the company places on the pursuit of quality. Among the most relevant certifications received are those that focus on sustainability, such as: OEKO-TEX®, and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


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