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Ergo Tre Electrical
Ergo Tre Electrical

The Ergo Tre adjustable base created by Magniflex consists of a structure in silver beechwood and ergonomically shaped plates that help to distribute the body’s weight evenly on the entire surface. Thanks to the electrical control unit, this version of the adjustable base allows you to adjust the height of the upper and lower body separately.

Supporting frame

The plates distribute the weight evenly over the entire surface occupied by your body while lying down and special shock absorbers respond to the body’s weight based on key pressure points. The firmness adjusters on the plates allows you to adjust the firmness of the adjustable base based on your individual preferences, so that you have adequate support and can enjoy a refreshing and rebalancing rest. Thanks to the double joints and the handy remote control, you can independently adjust the height (and therefore type of comfort) of the head, shoulders, torso and legs. The bed base in double version can be ordered as a single support surface or as two separate bases to be placed side by side.

Mattress retainers

The retainers fitted at the bottom of the adjustable base keep the mattress from sliding when you adjust the height of the feet or the head.

Motor unit

The wireless motor allows for an effortless lifting up to 110- 20 kg, allowing the head and legs to be lifted independently. Bed base provided with emergency lowering.

Perimeter structure

The adjustable base consists of a silver-colored beechwood structure. The height of the frame is 7x2.5 cm. In addition, there is a bumper around the rounded corners to smoothen out the hard edges and protect the shins.

Support legs

The single and double versions are supported by 4 legs, each 30 cm high.

Beech wood

Beech wood is a robust and resistant material. It undergoes a finishing process that guarantees the bed base a long life span.

  • Certifications CE
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Extra Cert. Medical Device
  • Customized firmness adjusters Custom Made Stiffness Controllers
  • Mattress retainers
  • Corner bumpers Corner guard
  • Rubber shock absorbers Shock absorbers in rubber
  • Separate adjustment of the height of the head, shoulders Independent lifting of head, shoulders, torso and legs
  • Emergency lowering Emergency lowering

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Artisan sensitivity and Italian genius give life to unique products, it is only in this way that Made in Italy becomes a guarantee of quality worldwide.

Artisan sensitivity and Italian genius give life to unique products

It is only in this way that Made in Italy becomes a guarantee of quality worldwide.