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MagniCool 10 Soft
MagniCool 10 Soft

To keep the mind and body cool.

The innovative and exclusive MagniCool cover fabric offers unparalleled freshness and also promotes air circulation, creating a perfect microclimate between the body and the mattress.

The combination of the Aquabreeze and Eliosoft layers offers gentle, cozy support. Soft comfort.  Soft comfort.


MagniCool Fabric: cool, dissipates heat and promotes breathability.

The mattress cover is removable and easy to wash.

The padding

Two different materials:

Memosoft, gently accommodates the body's silhouette.

Super Soft fiber is soft and breathable, and provides extra comfort and hygiene during sleep.

Level of comfort

The layer in Aquabreeze (5 cm) is flexible and breathable, offering soft, cozy support.

Base layer

The layer in Eliosoft (16 cm) ensures optimal and gentle back support.


Aquabreeze is an innovative high density foam based on water, with a high elastic return. It is the most recent higher quality material available on the market. The open cell structure allows an eighty air circulation, for an optimal dispersion of the heat heat. It allows the mattress to remain flexible and extremely comfortable, keeping these characteristics over time. Magniflex technology, always at your service.

Super Soft fiber

The super soft fiber padding boasts exceptional skills of softness and breathability. Its particular composition gives a feeling of extreme well -being and improves the perception of comfort during sleep. It guarantees delicate and enveloping support to the whole body. As if I received a great caress


The exclusive magnicool fabric, innovative and thermoregulatory, thanks to the thousands of micro-particles of silicate materials distributed between the fibers, guarantees a instant feeling of freshness. Fresh fabric, soft to the touch, dissipates humidity ensuring maximum breathability.


Memosoft is an anatomical and enveloping material. It welcomes the body in maximum comfort, ensuring a feeling of extreme softness. Coupled to the plates in the Memoform, Eliosoft or Eroform, it offers even more delicate support. Let yourself be conquered by an unparalleled rest.


A soft foam with a high-density microcellular structure. It provides a soft and gentle support, elasticity, and optimal breathability. Thanks to its different molecular composition, it is also available in a more rigid version named Elioform to satisfy every relaxation need.

  • Materials Memosoft, Eliosoft, Aquabreeze, Super Soft Fiber
  • Cover MagniCool
  • Certifications Made in Italy, Oeko Tex Class 1, EC
  • Comfort Level Soft
  • Thickness 25 cm
  • Support Soft
  • Warranty 10 years
  • Extra Cool, Thermoregulating, Extra Comfort, Breathable, Heat dissipating, Removable and Washable, Medical Device certified

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Artisan sensitivity and Italian genius give life to unique products, it is only in this way that Made in Italy becomes a guarantee of quality worldwide.

Artisan sensitivity and Italian genius give life to unique products

It is only in this way that Made in Italy becomes a guarantee of quality worldwide.