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Our research is non-stop and has no limits. The aim is to seek out increasingly innovative technologies to improve its products and respond precisely to the needs of each individual by enabling them to recharge their batteries every night.

Dual core
Dual-core, comfort for each individual.

Each of us has a particular build that determines the type of support and the comfort level that are ideal for us. Dual Core is Magniflex's response to this need. It is an innovative system we have invented to share the mattress with your partner, without having to compromise. Thanks to this innovation, the mattress core of select queen and king mattresses is split in two and can be easily flipped for firmer comfort on either side.

Two different comfort levels in one mattress

Discover the comfortable combinations

Soft side for more plush and cozy comfort.

Firm side For a firmer and more supportive comfort.

Double comfort action Each side of the core provides a different comfort. Simply unzip the mattress and flip the core on your side of the bed to select your ideal comfort.

Separate and reversible cores Ideal for couples so they do not have to compromise

Perfect harmony for couples while they sleep, even if they have different needs.

Dolce Vita

Mattress with dual core technology

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Midnight stretching

The Magnistretch technology lengthens the body and stretches the spine from the lumbar area toward the neck and feet. Weight is distributed and the space between the vertebrae increases. Meaning you wake up full of energy and vitality

MagniStretch is a high-tech and innovative mattress developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zaragoza.

Sleeping is in itself a pleasure, but sleeping while you're stretching your back also makes waking up the day after a wonderful experience. Once you try it, you won't ever want to go back

Champs choose Magnistretch

MagniStretch technology helps stretch the back while you sleep at night, which is why it has been chosen by star athletes such as Giorgio Chiellini and Stefano Tonut

colonna vertebrale durante il sonno
materasso allungamento schiena
How it works
  • The special layers with inclined foam sections respond to the pressure exerted by the body's weight.
  • The mattress applies subtle traction to your spinal column and muscles all through your body
  • The space between the vertebrae increases and the weight is distributed more evenly.
The benefits of the Magnistretch line

MagniStretch helps soothe muscle tension and contraction

It alleviates neck and back pain

Improving blood circulation

lastra elioform

The layers in Elioform and Eliosoft are even more flexible thanks to the innovative Stretch system, which provides ideal support to the spine

The padding is made of Memoform, a soft and anatomical material.

The cover combines soft natural viscose and Outlast®, a temperature-regulating fabric that absorbs excess heat and releases it when you need it

It features a micro-perforated and highly breathable side panel for increased airflow.

american chiroprastic association

In July 2017 the ACA (American Chiropractic Association), the largest chiropractic association in the United States, certified the beneficial effects of the MagniStretch mattress, which stretches and relaxes your back.


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Are you too hot at night?

The innovative Magnicool fabric gives a unique sensation of freshness. Like a gentle breeze, it promises an awakening as sweet and fresh as a cloud.

The benefits of sleeping cool

It's easier to fall asleep.

Uninterrupted sleep cycles.

Increase in metabolism.

New Magnicool fabric
  • Thermo-regulation: It guarantees a cool, dry slumber.
  • Fresh: It gives an instant feeling of freshness.
  • Extremely breathable: It ensures good breathability.

Mattress with Thermoregulating technology

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Vacuum-packed technology: a revolution in the mattress industry

Our ongoing commitment to research and our passion for nature led to the invention of vacuum-packaging, a true revolution in the mattress.

Vacuum-packing guarantees:
  • Stable hygiene and consistent quality
  • Volume reduced by 90%
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions (13 mattresses/cubic meter).
Open the package
Unroll the mattress
Let it rest for at least 4 hours before using it
100% rest begins after 24 hours

Innovation and technology