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Come sleep in the future

A relaxation which goes beyond sleeping.
Magniflex's revolution of wellbeing: the bed system which detects your way of sleeping, in order to better your life


Complete monitoring for an informed rest

MagniSmartech is a bed system that lets you know the way you sleep, in order to better your life. The technology monitors your personal data, such as: sleeping quality, heartbeat, respiratory rhythm, movements, body temperature and sleeping duration.
MagniSmartech can detect and register in real time, the data related to your room, in fact it is able to detect the temperature of mattress and the room, the brightness and the level of noise in the surrounding environment.


The bed system that makes you know the way you sleep to better your life


The perfect position

Reading, sleeping, muscle relaxing, leg regeneration. For each need a different positioning of your mattress.

A good night's rest within the reach of an App

The technology for your rest becomes easier to use.

I care

“I care” allows you to monitor the sleep quality of the people you care about. With APP it is possible to consult in real time the data related to the room temperature and to some parameters of your body, such as heartbeat and respiratory rhythm.

The light for your relaxation

Within this section of the app you can manage manual chromotherapy modalities or let yourself be surprised and discover the programs already available and designed for you by Magniflex to live a 360° immersive experience. Wake up, Relax and Hot.

My Sleep

With My Sleep, it is possible to process the data related to your rest and your room for a set reference period and subsequently consult the registered sessions. A great advantage of MagniSmartech is sending suggestions on how to improve the quality of your rest based on the data detection performed.


The section Habits allows you to enter the habits related to your rest, so that the system can get to know your preferences.