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Innovation never sleeps

Our research is non-stop and has no limits. The goal at Magniflex is to invent innovative technologies to consistently improve our products and respond precisely to the needs of each individual customer and provide them with the perfect sleeping experience every night.


Dual Core: sleeping together, but each in their own way

Each of us has a particular built that determines the type of support and the degree of softness of the mattress we find the most comfortable. Dual Core is Magniflex's response to this need. It's the innovative system we've invented to share the mattress with your partner, without having to compromise. Thanks to this innovation, the core, which consists of sheets of materials having varying comfort, in the double version, features two separate parts that can be flipped and thus offer two different types of support: soft or firm.


Stretching has never been this relaxing

MagniStretch is a high-tech and innovative mattress developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zaragoza.


Vacuum-packed technology: a revolution that has left everyone breathless

Our ongoing commitment to research and our passion for nature signified in 1986 with Magniflex's vacuum-packed technology invention that revolutionized the world of mattresses.