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The perfect reading corner for your child
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Whether it’s in the living room, garden or simply lying on the bed, everyone has their favourite spot for reading. A great idea for encouraging kids to read is to create their very own reading corner!

A few tips to get you started

The best place without a doubt is the nursery as this is a familiar place for children and the one in which they feel at ease. There is no need to take over the whole room but you can simply “mark” the reading area with a rug, a few cushions and enough space for them to sit or lie down to read. Depending on the child’s age, there also should be enough room for a parent to sit down and read together with them.

When creating this space, the light in the room should also be taken into account. The best option is obviously to make good use of natural light, so it might be a good idea to set up the reading corner near to a window. If your child wants to read in the evening or when there is not sufficient light from outside, a lamp with yellow light is preferable as it reduces eye strain.

But above all… Where can you sit?

Naturally, lying down on a rug, perhaps propped up by a few cushions, is a fun way to read, but you obviously need a proper place to sit to avoid incorrect posture in the long run. What should you choose?


A pouffe is an original idea that is soft, fun to sit on and does not take up too much space, making it an idea choice for even smaller bedrooms.  A small sofa and a soft armchair are alternatives that take up more space but are also more structured.


Just like adults, children may also like reading in bed, either together or on their own. To add even more fantasy and character to this moment, why not let your child be surrounded by their favourite stuffed animals? In this way, they will enjoy reading even more!


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