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Sleeping on the floor is possible
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Strange as it may seem, sleeping on the floor rather than in a bed is more widespread than you may think. Let’s take a closer look at how people who choose this way of resting do it. Who sleeps on the floor? The first answer that comes to mind has to be “the Japanese”. In Japan, people sleep on what is known as a futon, a mattress that is not too firm and thin enough to be placed on the floor. In Japanese homes, there is not necessarily a room dedicated to resting: the practicality of futons lies in the fact that they can be rolled up, so they can be used easily in any room and put away just as easily when no longer needed. Futons can be placed on the floor or on a particular type of floor covering known as tatami, which is softer than ordinary floors as it is made using natural fibers. Do people sleep on the floor in places other than Japan? Beyond the borders of the Land of the Rising Sun, the habit of sleeping on the floor is becoming increasingly popular. For many people, the main reason lies in the benefits for the back: the hardness and firmness of the floor seem to provide better support to the spine compared to many types of mattress. Depending on the choice you make, it is important to remember that the cleanliness of the room, and especially of the floor, is crucial: sleeping on the bottom implies greater exposure to dust. What’s more, if you are in the habit of eating in the room in which you sleep, thorough cleaning will ensure the removal of crumbs or anything else that might entice ants or other insects. Sleeping on the floor: Are there any benefits at all? It’s down to personal preference: just as some people appreciate a soft rather than a firm mattress, or a thick rather than a thin pillow, in this case, some prefer a traditional bed while others prefer a mattress or a thin mattress laid on the ground, some people don’t even want anything else between their body and the floor. Some people opt for mixed solutions, such as the complete absence of anything between their body and the floor, but still use a pillow. There is no right or wrong answer to the question “Where should I sleep?”: the crucial thing is to feel at ease when we go to sleep and, above all, we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day. That’s what Magniflex says, who knows a thing or two about sleep quality?

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