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Uno Deluxe

The Uno Deluxe adjustable base created by Magniflex is a product of German engineering designed to provide our customers with the highest level of well-being and state-of-the-art technology. Features include a lifting mechanism to separately adjust the height of the head and legs, a night light, a massage & anti-snoring function, and pre-configured settings including zero gravity.


At the core of the adjustable base

  • Supporting frame

    The adjustable base comes with a number of features designed to enhance your comfort while you sleep, such as an anti-snoring function the option of that adjusts the position of the head to stop a person from snoring, a lifting mechanism to separately adjust the height of the head and legs, a zero gravity position to relieve muscular pressure, a night light, and a timed massage function. The adjustable base also features memory settings such as zero gravity and quiet sleep and positions that can be adjusted to suit your individual needs.
  • Mattress levelers

    The rubber levelers fitted at the bottom of the adjustable base keep the mattress from sliding when you adjust the height of the feet or head.
  • Motor units

    The German motor can easily lift up to 1,320 lbs and allow you to separately adjust the height of the head and legs.
  • Structure

    The adjustable base consists of a tubular steel frame upholstered and padded with fabric. The height of the frame is 9.4”.
  • Legs

    Each base is supported by 6 legs, each 5.5” high.


Its tubular steel structure provides greater resistance to wear and tear. The Bluetooth system allows you to program the adjustable base to set a timed massage (10/20/30 minutes) or a smart alarm. It comes with LED lights, massage, zero gravity and anti-snoring function to give you the highest level of comfort.