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Topper CBD Serenity

Topper CBD Serenity with relaxing properties is designed to adapt perfectly to the body and restore the body’s well-being during the night.


In the heart of the topper

  • Cover

    The cover is treated with CBD, a natural component with relaxing, calming and pain-relieving properties.
  • Padding and comfort level

    The Memoform padding adapts perfectly to the body’s shape, giving a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation. The padding in hypoallergenic fiber and Super Soft fiber provides added comfort all through the night.


  • CBD

    CBD is know for its relaxing, calming, and pain-relieving properties. The microcapsules contain pure hemp CBD isolate (99%), meaning is a non-psychoactive component present in the hemp plant.

  • Memoform

    Memoform is the most anatomical of all the materials we use in production and is designed to react to the weight of the body and adapt perfectly to any type of build. This characteristic generates a pleasant feeling of ease and lightness while a person is asleep and helps the spine relax.

  • Super Soft Fiber

    The Super Soft Fiber padding presents exceptional qualities of softness and breathability. Its composition offers a feeling of exceptional well-being and improves the perception of comfort during sleep. This fiber guarantees delicate and enveloping support to the whole body as if it were being gently cuddled.