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The secret to quality sleeping is tucked within the heart of every Magniflex mattress

Magniflex knows the different needs of a quality sleep, which is why it offers differentiated solutions that are sure to meet every need, thanks to the use of special and non-deformable materials. All materials are OEKO-TEX®-certified, which stands as a guarantee that they are free from substances that are toxic or harmful for man and the environment.


Innovation never sleeps

Magniflex commitment to research and the use of the high quality raw materials come together to create the ideal mattress for every need and type of comfort.


All the quality of nature

The clever use of the best natural materials is what makes Magniflex mattresses truly unique. The finest fibers are carefully selected and combined to achieve maximum comfort and support in every product line.


The most advanced technology to provide superior quality rest

Magniflex is always looking for solutions that improve the quality of sleep. Technical fabrics are tear-resistant and have anti-crease and anti-static properties. Synthetic technological fibers and mixed fibers guarantee maximum breathability.


Even nature can be turned into a woven fabric

The fabrics of this line are processed with natural fibers that offer real health benefits. Each of them is breathable and hypoallergenic and guarantees the non-toxicity and hygiene of the products. The use of natural substances and vegetable fibers is controlled by the rules that certify the quality of the products and respect for the environment during the extraction and processing phases.