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Jun 10th, 2022

Magniflex is now certified 100% Made in Italy

Magniflex always looks to the future and aims to achieve an ambitious new goal.

Magniflex can now add a new prestigious title to its list of certifications, which qualifies its business as 100% Made in Italy. This certification is added proof of the value and quality of a product entirely of Italian origin.

The certification is issued by the Italian Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers and is awarded according to certain criteria based on a set of parameters contemplated by the Italian regulations in force. Promindustria S.p.A is the institution that handles relations with businesses that have filed a request to obtain the certificate of compliance, and which actively runs regular preliminary checks at the applicant company’s premises to make sure the certification requisites have been diligently met.

Obtaining 100% Made in Italy certification means guaranteeing the quality of our Italian products and their value. Every product becomes instantly recognizable and traceable, providing added protection to the Company’s brand, also from the possibility of any foreign and unauthorized dealers stepping into the process.

The 100% Made in Italy certification is issued in accordance with parameters established by the applicable Italian regulations and is therefore proof of a product’s authenticity and confirms its overall value, prestige and, above all, allows customers to distinguish true “Made in Italy” from cheap imitations.

Once a business has obtained this recognition, it can file for registration in the Italian Register of Italian Manufacturers – of which Magniflex is a proud member!