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Nov 04th, 2021

Magniflex in support of the environment.

Our commitment towards a sustainable world isn’t demonstrated only in words, which is why Magniflex has decided to embrace the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a project articulated in 17 macro-objectives concerning the economic, sustainable, and environmental development of the various communities (learn more about SDGs).

Sustainability has always been one of our uncompromising goals and has distinguished our business since 1986, when the company’s founder created the vacuum-packed mattress to minimize environmental impact.

More than 30 years have passed, with considerable savings in terms of production and CO2 emissions, but we always aim higher. This is why Magniflex is hard at work through the implementation of corporate efforts that focus on sustainability, with the use of solar power panels for improved energy supply, and a strategy for recycling waste that can help prevent its disposal and reuse in various applications.

Because at Magniflex, our love for the environment comes from deep within!