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The GiNO mattress combines Italian style, quality, and attention to detail with unbeatable comfort, support, and convenience. The mattress cover uses a signature performance fabric in silver fiber, a natural antibacterial that keeps you cool and protected throughout the night. All of the layers have an open-cell structure that helps with weight distribution and spinal alignment for long-lasting support and muscle restoration.

Trial period of 100 nights and free delivery with UPS.


$1,299.00 -35%

In the heart of the mattress

  • Cover

    The cover is made from a signature performance fabric in silver fiber helps keep bacteria away while creating a protected environment to give you peace of mind while you sleep. The mattress cover is easily removable and machine-washable.
  • Comfort level

    Waterlattex layer (2") offers elastic support and recovery with increased flexibility. A layer in Memoform (2") for a cozy, yet supportive comfort.
  • Base layer

    The layer in Elioform (6’’) is designed to ensure ideal support for your back. Thanks to its composition, it provides a support without causing compression of the spine.


  • Fibra d'argento

    Il rivestimento in fibra d'argento è un materiale dalle numerose proprietà benefiche e il suo utilizzo nella realizzazione di un tessuto garantisce eccezionali caratteristiche antibatteriche, termiche e traspiranti.

  • Memoform

    Memoform is the most anatomical of all the materials we use in production and is designed to react to the weight of the body and adapt perfectly to any type of build. This characteristic generates a pleasant feeling of ease and lightness while a person is asleep and helps the spine relax.

  • 3D Fabric

    The 3D fabric cover, characterized by a tridimensional aspect, ensures a high level of air recycling and breathability, thus generating a feeling of superior well-being.

  • Waterlattex

    Waterlattex offers elastic support and recovery with increased flexibility. The internal structure features an open-cell construction that increases airflow for a more enhanced sleep that will leave you feeling comfortable throughout the night.