The Virtuoso collection has all of the best features any mattress can offer. Each model has a refined look and combines fine quality materials with sophisticated fabrics, and the most precious fibers Nature has to offer. The mattress cover, in shiny viscose, is embellished by a decorative motif of Florentine lilies.

Virtuoso mattresses are accurately manufactured starting from an expert use of materials. The plate consists of layers of Mallow, Memoform, Eliosoft and Elioform, to guarantee a correct support and a snug but firm comfort. The mattresses have a winter side whose filling is in cashmere, camelhair, Merino wool and horsehair while the summer side is filled with a mix of linen, cotton, horsehair and silk.

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Only a Master can seize the best from ancient techniques and enrich them with new, precious details. The Maestro line consists of “old style” models that skillfully combine the excellence of traditional materials with the innovation of the latest ones, thus offering timeless elegance and comfort.

The padding of the Maestro brings together the advanced Magniflex’s unique Memoform and the most precious, natural, traditional materials. The winter side of the mattress is enriched by the precious, warm fibers of cashmere and wool, whereas the summer side features the coolness of silk and linen. A precious, silky cover in viscose satin offers a refined look while guaranteeing breathability during sleep. The core in Mallow Foam, Memoform, Eliosoft and Elioform gives an optimal support and extreme comfort. The Spring models, thanks to their individual micro-springs pockets structure, differentially respond to the body compression thus providing the perfect support.

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The Impero collection is designed for those who are not content with a simple mattress but seek something that recalls American mattresses, in their look and dimensions. In fact, every model in this collection is higher than average and its considerable dimensions guarantee great comfort and support. The restyling of this line includes the addition of precious wool finishing, which grants the mattress greater prestige and a unique look.

Impero mattresses have plates of varying thicknesses which combine the firm support of Elioform with the soft and gentle support of Eliosoft. Added to which, the Memoform plate ensures correct spinal alignment while different types of filling confer varying degrees of comfort on each side. Silky Viscose and Outlast® fabric, together with the special honeycomb structure of the plate, guarantees maximum breathability.

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The Supremo collection is an elegant and sophisticated edition created for those who are uncompromising in their search for maximum relaxation. All models are accurately studied down to the tiniest detail and their linear refinement is flanked by the exclusive properties of the materials and fabrics with which they are manufactured.

The multilayered mattresses of the Supremo collection offer incomparable comfort, thanks to a material mix of Memoform, Magnigel Foam, Elioform and Eliosoft. The Dual Core plate, which is divided into two separate elements in the double version, enables the mattress to be turned over effortlessly and provides a form of support that responds to different comfort levels. A luxurious Outlast® fabric cover guarantees maximum breathability and heat regulating benefits enabling its user to sleep in a perfect micro climate.

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The Toscana collection is the perfect solution for those wishing to make an ethical choice without giving up anything in terms of comfort. This collection combines the support of Memoform with essential oils and eco-friendly fabrics. The excellent materials in this line safeguard the environment and ensure correct spinal support.

The use of natural materials gives incredibly relaxing properties to mattresses and pillows. For instance, the essential oils inside these products are conducive to relaxation while extract of Aloe Vera favours regeneration during sleep. Two exclusive materials have been employed in the Toscana collection: Ecogreen and Geomemory. The former is flexible yet firm, ideal for guaranteeing a perfect alignment of shoulders, back and limbs. The latter supports the various body parts independently by adapting most naturally to their shape. All models come with a mattress cover in 100% organic cotton that is fresh and comfortable to the touch, combined with a 3D band to guarantee maximum breathability.

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MagniStretch is a technological innovative mattress, developed in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering department of Zaragoza University and tested with machinery INSTRON 8800. Its exclusive patent was devised to provide incredible benefits to the back, which stretches and elongates the spine during sleep.

The Elioform layer and the softer Eliosoft one are even more elastic thanks to the innovative Stretch system, which ensures the ideal support to the back spine . The padding is in Memoform, a soft anatomic material. The lining is the result of the combination of soft viscose and Outlast®, a fabric that absorbs the excessive heat and releases it when needed. Every model is also provided with a micro-pierced, highly breathing band along the contour.

The special six inclined section layer uses the body pressure to move from the lumbar area to the cervical one and from the lumbar area to the feet. Such movement fosters the stretching of the back and increases the space between the vertebrae. The weight is therefore distributed more evenly, so that it facilitates the relaxation of tensions and muscular contractions.

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Dolce Vita

The creation of Dolce Vita has drawn its inspiration from our bestselling products. It combines the excellence of the Made in Italy label with the Italian lifestyle. These models have been studied to make repose even sweeter and more enjoyable, because sleep is the most important pleasure of life.

Can comfort be an expression of refinement? It certainly can with Dolce Vita mattresses. Especially thanks to the artful combination of materials and fabrics, such as the Elioform plate for firm spinal support, and another in Eliosoft which confers a more in-between support. But what really distinguishes these products is the presence of plates and fillings in Memoform which, when in direct contact with the body, confer a sensation of extreme comfort, for the maximum enjoyment of all the beneficial properties of this incredible material. The mattress cover comes in a breathable Viscose fabric and is also easy to remove.

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Is there anyone who hasn't dreamt of sleeping on a cloud? This has now become possible thanks to the mattresses made of Magnigel Foam by Magniflex. This highly breathable gel-based material has a special structure that makes it soft and fresh, so each mattress becomes a little corner of paradise.

The Magnigel mattress collection offers a unique freshness. In fact, this innovative breathable material facilitates the circulation of air and maintains a constant micro climate between body and mattress. Magnigel Foam is also eco-sustainable, crushproof and, since it is used in combination with Memoform, adapts to the body shape to guarantee an incredibly relaxing night’s sleep. The presence of the 3D band, together with Viscose fabric, ensures maximum breathability.

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There is nothing better than the fresh caress of newly washed bed sheets to accompany our sleep. This feeling of cleanness can be even deeper if it comes directly from your mattress. With the Candore collection this is now possible thanks to its removable cover that allows you to periodically washing of the external fabric, thus offering an ever-lasting feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Cleanliness means more than freshness. The removable and washable external fabric of the Candore line also ensures a high level of hygiene.

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To enjoy a feeling of comfort never experienced before, you have to lie down and rest on this mattress. It’s an experience of fresh, dry and breathable lightness, a subtle pleasure that satisfies the body and that will relax your mind. With every movement of the body, the mattresses of the Nuvola line exchange air with the outside environment, giving the person resting a chance to disperse any excess heat accumulated.

The lining in Thermic® fabric and soft viscose offer a balanced temperature control and a pleasant feeling of cosiness. Padded with Memosoft and Super Soft fibre, they enhance the body’s perception of softness and comfort. The layer in Aquabreeze and Elioform favour perspiration, firmness and elasticity. The Airyform technology of the layer allows the passage of air inside the mattress. Removable and available with Dual Core technology, so that each partner can choose the comfort that suits him or her best.

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The Classico collection is made from quality materials and fabrics. When used together, these materials never fail to provide a pleasurable comfort and an excellent value for the money.

The mattresses belonging to the Classico collection have evolved from a combination of Memoform, a material that adapts perfectly to the body shape, Elioform and Eliosoft, which guarantee a correct spinal support. The soft filling confers a sensation of relaxation and softness, while Viscose fabric guarantees maximum breathability.

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Can the most advanced research pursue the warm and reassuring gentleness of a soft embrace? The answer is yes, and the results are amazing. The support offered by these mattresses is an enveloping embrace that lasts all through the night. The materials chosen for this gem of rest combine softness with an extraordinary ability to circulate the air. The body is wrapped in a fresh and breathable caress, with the ability to dissipate the heat accumulated throughout the day.

The mattress has a lining in viscose, a soft and silky hi-tech fibre that gives the skin an amazing sensation of softness. Padded with Memosoft and Super Soft fiber, this mattress guarantees an extraordinary breathable, soft and enveloping comfort. The body’s relaxation is also guaranteed by the inner layer in Aquabreeze, a foam with open-cell structure that facilitates perspiration, and one in Elioform, a microcellular foam combining elasticity and breathability.

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The Leggenda collection is the result of the company’s experience gained in over 55 years of making mattresses. All the models represent important achievements and provide relaxation solutions that, to this day, continue to improve people’s quality of sleep.

The mattresses in the Leggenda collection differ significantly from one another and all of them have features that make them special and unique. However, all the models have one thing in common: the excellence of a company that has a made a good night’s sleep its true vocation.

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In the sixties, Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop. It was the start of a revolution: the craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, were combined with new ideas about sleep and wellbeing.

Since then, we have provided over a billion people with peaceful sleep, thanks to models and solutions designed to meet our customer’s needs for comfort, relaxation and health.