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Massaggio Deluxe

Massaggio Deluxe provides a regenerating massage throughout the night thanks to the padding with massaging action and a Medium Firm level of comfort. All of which in 25 cm of height.

In the heart of the mattress

  • Cover

    The Viscose cover, soft and breathable, makes the mattress soft and silky to the touch and is more effective at dissipating sweat, favoring perspiration.Fully removable and washable, to always ensure a high level of hygiene.
  • Padding

    The interior quilted lining in Memoform offers added comfort, adapting perfectly to any type body built. The hypoallergenic and breathable fiber in the underside offers extra comfort.
  • Comfort level

    The layer in Memoform (2 cm) reacts to the weight of the body to perfectly fit any type of built, offering comfort and anatomical support for the whole body.
  • Base layer

    The layer in Elioform (19 cm), owing to its microcellular, high-density foam structure, provides a sturdier orthopedic support to the spine.


  • Memoform

    Memoform is the most anatomical of all the materials we use in production and is designed to react to the weight of the body and to adapt perfectly to any type of build. This characteristic generates a pleasant feeling of ease and lightness while a person is asleep and helps the spine relax

  • Magnifoam

    This foam has a high-density micro-cellular structure. It offers optimal support, elasticity and breathability. Thanks to its different molecular composition, it is available in two versions: Magnifoam Eliosoft, which is softer, and Magnifoam Elioform, which is more rigid, to meet the need of every customer when it comes to quality of sleep.


The massaging effect favors microcirculation and exerts a constant massage during rest, giving a feeling of well-being and comfort throughout the night. This special design offers differentiated support to the five main parts of the body: head, shoulders, back, legs and ankles, distributing and balancing the body’s weight along the length of the mattress and providing the right support to every part of the body.