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Double bed with“Unica”!

Single bed + single bed = double bed with the “unica” zip fastener!

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Hotel line

Quality that counts: for the benefit of the hotel sector and the general public.

For a hotel, a resort or a hospital, it is important to choose products that meet the requirements of first class hospitality and that are in line with public health and safety standards, while respecting the environment. Magniflex hotel line offers a complete range of mattresses, pillows and accessories as solutions to the specific needs of various sectors.

The Magniflex Hotel Line provides:

• reliability of a leading brand with over 55 years’ experience

• 100% Italian-made products

• all certified products

• international company active in 98 different markets

icon classe 1 im • products provided with class 1 IM type-approval issued by the Italian Interior Ministry
 icon ukas & aja •products guaranteed by the most important international certification: the company conforms to European qualitative standards ISO 9001:2008 and collaborates with the leading quality certification institutions such as uKaS and aJa
 icon contract magniflex • products certified OEKO-TEX®, ensuring the complete absence of toxic or harmful substances for human beings and the environment

Advantages we offer:

• the chance to receive mattresses made from Elioform, Memoform and Eliosoft with vacuum packaging

• free delivery all over Italy

• alterations made to the products according to requirements for all categories

•the mattresses can be made to measure

• availability of the "unica" zip fastener which provides a perfect join between two single mattresses to make one double bed!

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In the sixties, Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop. It was the start of a revolution: the craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, were combined with new ideas about sleep and wellbeing.

Since then, we have provided over a billion people with peaceful sleep, thanks to models and solutions designed to meet our customer’s needs for comfort, relaxation and health.