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The MagniProtect line stems from the need to ward off the viruses and bacteria we come into contact with every day, when we are the most vulnerable, i.e. when we are asleep.

MagniProtect 8 in Memory Antiviral


MagniProtect 8 in Memory Antiviral

  • Height

    21 cm
  • Cover

  • Comfort level

    Medium firm
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Technology never stops

The massaging action of this mattress ensures proper support to every part of the body, separately supporting the ankles, legs, waist, back, neck and head. For a rejuvenating massage that lasts all night long.

The strength of silver to ensure protection while you rest

The MagniProtect fabric is an exclusive combination of vesicle and silver technology designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses on fabrics. By exploiting the properties of silver as a powerful antiviral and antibacterial material, it gets rid of viruses and bacteria by up to 99% in just a few minutes.