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Magnigel Cool Wave

New Magnigel Deluxe Wave of the Magnigel line is an ergonomically shaped pillow with an asymmetric double wave that supports the neck and relaxes the tendons. The interior made of innovative Magnigel and the thermoregulating Magnicool cover are sure to always provide fresh support. Its elegant blue finish adds a touch of class to the pillow, making it even more refined.

In the heart of the pillow

  • Cover

    The Magnicool cover, cool and thermoregulating, has an excellent ability to dissipate sweat, thus ensuring breathability and dryness. In addition, it is easily removable and washable.
  • Hygienic drape

    Protects the inner layer by increasing the pillow’s level of hygiene.
  • Interior

    The interior in Magnigel Foam provides enhanced breathability and stabilises the temperature of the pillow, for a rest that is always cool and dry. The double-wave shape is ideal for the curvature of the neck and gently eases the back of the head to offer the right support for the shoulders and cervical area.


  • Magnigel Foam

    Magnigel Foam is the evolution of the first-generation gel, created in Magniflex’s labs after years of research and specific tests. It is the most breathable and flexible material on the market. Its high density makes it extraordinarily soft and comfortable, ensuring perfect support for the whole body. Magnigel Foam gives the mattress a feeling of freshness and softness, making you feel as though you are lying down on a cloud.

  • Magnicool

    The exclusive innovative and thermoregulating Magnicool fabric which, thanks to thousands of silicate material micro-particles distributed between the fibers, provides an immediate sensation of coolness. Cool, soft touch fabric disperses the moisture while ensuring maximum breathability.

Perfect to help you sleep