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New Topper Magnigel

The New Topper Magnigel of the Magnigel line adds a touch of cool comfort to your mattress.

In the heart of the topper

  • Cover

    The viscose cover is soft and silky to the touch and is more effective at dissipating sweat, favoring breathability. In addition, the cover is easily removable and washable.
  • Comfort level

    The layer in Magnigel Foam (5 cm) provides gentle support to the body and a feeling of unmatched freshness by stabilizing the body’s microclimate during the night. 


  • Viscose

    Derived from cellulose, viscose is a soft high-tech fiber with a silky texture, very pleasant to the touch. It has an excellent ability to dissipate moisture, encouraging the perspiration of mattresses and pillows

  • Magnigel foam

    Magnigel Foam is the evolution of the first-generation gel, created in Magniflex’s labs after years of research and specific tests. It is the most breathable and flexible material on the market. Its high density makes it extraordinarily soft and comfortable,ensuring perfect support for the whole body. Magnigel Foam gives the mattress a feeling of freshness and softness, making you feel as though you are lying down on a cloud

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