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Maestro Spring 900

Maestro Spring 900 combines the excellence of traditional materials with the innovation of new technologies to create a timeless elegance and comfort. The natural fibers combined with the softness of Memoform and Elioform and the pocket micro-springs provide differentiated support and a Medium Soft comfort in 30 cm of height.

In the heart of the mattress

  • Cover

    The cover in Viscose Satin combines the properties of viscose, which is incredibly soft and silky to the touch, with the qualities of satin. A sleek and elegant material that has an excellent ability to dissipate sweat, making the mattress remarkably breathable.
  • Padding

    The winter side contains natural fibers such as Cashmere and Wool, which provide ideal comfort during the colder days. The summer side, instead, contains Silk and Linen to create a dry and breathable micro-climate designed specially for the warmer months. In addition, both sides contain Memoform, providing an added touch of comfort.
  • Comfort level

    The first layer of pocket micro springs (300 per m2) enclosed in a non-deformable box consisting of layers in Elioform (2 cm) responds differently to the compression of the different parts of the body, offering added comfort.
  • Base layer

    The second layer of pocket micro springs (600 per m2) in the second non-deformable box provides added support for your back and the other parts of the body, for an incredibly ergonomic sleeping experience. The non-deformable box in Elioform (2 cm) contains the inner springs and makes the mattress more compact.


  • Viscose Satin

    This material combines the properties of viscose, soft and silky to the touch, the qualities of satin, a yarn with a shiny and elegant appearance. The viscose satin lining has an excellent ability to dissipate the moisture of the mattress.

  • Cashmere

    Cashmere is a very soft animal fiber characterized by an extraordinary ability to retain air. Its use gives the products we manufacture a high degree of thermal insulation, which helps to retain heat when more is required. It is also able to resist dirt, especially dust. One more reason that will make you love cashmere.

  • Silk

    Silk is the thinnest and most robust natural fiber. It resists deformations while remaining soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also an excellent insulator that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Magnifoam

    This foam has a high-density micro-cellular structure. It offers optimal support, elasticity and breathability. Thanks to its different molecular composition, it is available in two versions: Magnifoam Eliosoft, which is softer, and Magnifoam Elioform, which is more rigid, to meet the need of every customer when it comes to quality of sleep.

  • Memoform

    Memoform is the most anatomical of all the materials we use in production and is designed to react to the weight of the body and to adapt perfectly to any type of build. This characteristic generates a pleasant feeling of ease and lightness while a person is asleep and helps the spine relax

  • Linen

    Linen is the most suitable fiber for the summer-side padding of your mattress. Thanks to its molecular structure, linen is able to absorb and dissipate the moisture released by the body during sleep. It offers a comfortable feeling of freshness and a refined pleasure consistently night after night.

  • Micro-springs

    The micro-springs used by Magniflex have smaller dimensions compared to the traditional springs. This makes it possible to increase their use inside the mattress: the greater the number of micro-springs inserted, the greater the contact points and the better the support provided to your spine, for an even more ergonomic and comfortable rest.

  • Merino Wool

    Merinos wool is one of the finest animal fibers ever obtained from the shearing of the best wool sheep. Extremely thin and soft to the touch, it has strong thermoregulatory and breathable properties, which leaves your skin free to breathe.

How it works

Compared to traditional springs, this system decreases the mattress’ overall size and increases the number of springs inside of it. The greater the number of micro springs featured in the mattress, the more points of contact and the better the support provided by the structure, to give you an even more ergonomic sleeping experience. In fact, every spring responds differently to the compression of different parts of the body. The box that encloses the springs (26 cm) guarantees added compactness over time, ensuring proper support to the spine.