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Cotton Deluxe Wave

Cotton Deluxe Wave of the Toscana line has been manufactured using natural fibers to provide maximum relaxation to the neck and shoulders, and with a careful eye for the environment. Its double height offers two types of resting options. The GOTS certification issued by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification is proof that the fabrics used to manufacture this line are organic and made with a deep respect for man and the environment.

In the heart of the pillow

  • Cover

    The organic cotton cover is cool and soft to the touch and guarantees maximum breathability. This fabric is 100% organic and enhances the body’s natural functions by balancing your biorhythm while you are asleep. In addition, it is easily removable and washable.
  • Hygienic drape

    Protects the inner layer by increasing the pillow’s level of hygiene.
  • Interior

    The interior in Geomemory, an anatomical material formed from the combination of Memoform and natural materials, adapts to the shape of the body with extreme ease. The double-wave shape is ideal for the curvature of the neck and gently eases the back of the head to offer the right support for the shoulders and cervical area.
  • Manufacture

    The breathable processing of the pillow ensures perfect breathability and optimal dispersion of moisture and heat, thanks to the holes in the middle.


  • Organic cotton

    Organic cotton is a material that is always fresh and pleasant to the touch and guarantees maximum breathability. It is certified GOTS, certification issued by the institute for ethical and environmental certification, which attests the naturalness of the materials used in respect of man and the environment. The cover made of 100% organic fabrics, enhances the biological functions, balancing the biorhythm during the hours of sleep.

  • Geomemory

    Geomemory is an anatomical material enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera or Soy. It adapts to the shape of the body with supreme naturalness and provides independent support for the head, shoulders, torso, arms, pelvis and legs. Because your body is unique and deserves a special treatment.

Perfect to help you sleep